jessica may

um yeah i really don't know what to say so so i will just say things about me. i love art music anime and mangs, i am obsessed with naruto manly the akatsuki. and yeah i am emo and i have good reason to be so i don't want to hear (or see) "oh your so fake" and or "your an emo". yeah i know i can't spell, and yes i am also on deviant art as Razorbladekiss001 and sheezy art as 00akatsuki00. just to let you know. so yeah thats all i'll say for now. I like art anime manga english (the subject) NARUTO!!!!! anything to do with vampires Favourite movies NARUTO!!!!! harry potter. Favourite books harry potter or anything to do with vampires Favourite music death metal, heavy metal, metal, and foren songs

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