Rachael Dunstan

Alrighty then, i am 19 and i enjoy to draw.   I'm not a horrible artist, nor am I the best by no means, there is LOTS of room for improvement which i look forward to. My art is....well...i dunno wut it is. Its not quite anime, which is what i started doin in '98, and from there i worked to form my own style which is wut you shall behold below ^__^. I'm happy with it, its better than how i started out, thats for sure. Well this is all i can come up with for the moment, too lazy to type anymore.  I'm a VERY boring person, really, i am. ------ Hah! An update! Phew, i've been 'MIA' from Elfwood for quite a while....not that anyone noticed ^_^.  But now i am back with a new obsession - 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'!!  I am a damnded 'Wonkadict'! :D I LOVE that movie and i just adore Willy Wonka, such a cutie!  I actually like both films i just really fell in love with Burtons version of it, so yes, expect fanart from me for that fandom. =3  I fear that most folks round here probably don't like the new movie, which is why i never got around to posting any of my stuff before, but, wut the hell.  I like wut i like and i know a few others like it too, so if you don't like don't look.  How hard is that?  So in the meantime i will work to try and get some Wonka fanart up for those of you that like it. =)