Welcome to Wonderland

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Rachael Dunstan

Go here if you want to be able to view this pic bigger---http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/18551761/ I saw the movie poster for that movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'(and hell or high water I plan to see it)just the other day and i got inspired to do yet another Mad hatter pic.^__^The characters/objects in this pic are as follows: The Mad Hatter - Behold your guide to wonderland, he holds the key to and from this wonderful place.The Cheshire Cat , The talking Flowers ,The White Rabbit - Yes, again, this cute lil fella shows up to show us just how adorable he is, peeking over that wall^__^.Humpty Dumpty kinda freaked me out as a kid, an egg with a face? Freaky! In any case i creepified him more and came up with a different version of why he's 'cracked'. He's an egg...bird come from eggs....therefore i have a bird breaking out of him and yolk(or is it blood??)dripping down his face.Tweedle Dee and Dum - Yea, i went WAY offa wut they're supposed to look like but i didn't like them in that way. I jes came up with my own version, whats creepier than kids with evil lil grins on their faces, blood on them, and a 'IT' type balloon??The Caterpillar - Last but not least there is this guy. A prefer him as a mellowed out Stoner guy with a fro myself, aint he awesome this way tho?? He's the man that everyone in wonderland goes to find some of them 'eat me' shrooms....but his only make you THINK you've grown into a giant^.^ Oh and notice that on his hookah there is a 'Smoke Me' tag.  Thought that was a nice lil touch to the pic. Lastly i just thought i'd point out that i put in the 'Eat Me' shroom and the 'Drink Me' potion and the keyhole in the giant clock that allows a peep into the scary world of wonderland. Someone seems to have found it matter of factly^__^. Fandom: Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glassFeatures: Mad Hatter, March Hare, tweedle dee and dum, white rabbit, caterpillar, humpty dumpty, cheshire cat, the flowers

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Category Horror

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