Lindsay Archer

In school, I studied computer animation at the Art Institute of Atlanta. From there, I worked briefly at Primal Screen doing cell animation for Cartoon Network, later I taught 3D / Art at a local college, but soon realized that computers and me don't get along... Since early this century I've been making my way as a professional fantasy artist / Illustrator.  I've illustrated for Margaret Weis Productions and White Silver Publishing on projects such as the Serenity RPG, Battlestar Galactica RPG, DragonLance RPG, The Chronicles of Ramlar, and other projects.  I've done cover art for White Silver Publishing for the Redemption Trilogy and gaming supplements.  Mostly, I work in oils, watercolors, and graphite.  Occasionally when producing a piece with a more whimsical feel, I work in  ink with a watercolor wash often compared to that of Arthur Rackham.  I have no love for acrylics, unless it's white or black gesso in combination with watercolors.  Although those are my favorite and fortè, I have dabbled in other media as well.  In general I prefer to do more personally expressive pieces and have found that when someone else has their fingers in my paint, it loses the life that people enjoy in my work as I just simply don't work well under pressure.  For this reason as well as time and other constraints I avoid taking commissions. If you would like to learn more, please visit my website gallery at and my Deviant Art Account.