Rebecca Morgan

New Update: I'm in my last year in college! (Rejoice!) and maybe I'll have time to actually fix the stories that I've written so that they're presentable. Then I'll put them up here. =P  I do have more, just nothing that I'm really happy with. I've gotten pickier since I started writting. >.Update: I'm taking a "Writing the popular Novel" class taught by Orson Scott Card. So by the end of this semester, I should have (at least) the first two chapters of a Novel on here. And I found a roommate for next year that is going to be participating in NaNoWriMo as well. (and I should have a laptop by then... So I'm hoping I actually finish NaNo next year. *crosses fingers* The Phoenix has been up for a while, and I've been writing stuff that doesn't fit on here. (Too realistic. Nothing magic at all :( How sad.) *points to picture* I helped paint that mural I'm standing next to! Hi! I am addicted to CSI (no longer), I will read anything that catches my interest and I draw occasionally. College is here (for the second year), and I am quite the busy bee. (I'm taking 18.5 credits and am actively participating in two (yes, count that TWO) orchestra's.  p.s. I started writing on December 19, 2003, at about midnight because I had a paper due the next day at midnight and I didn't want to work on it. I don't think I'm bad, just a little inexperienced. p.p.s And I'm getting better...  Now all I need is structures to magically appear in my work. And a plot would be nice... Not to mention a LOT more detail. Phah. Why don't I just wish that my stories would magically appear? I might have more chance at that than having a plot or details or structure magically appear anywhere. I've discovered that I'm basically a lazy bum, and that I need to work on that. (on not being a bum, that is.) My latest update was sometime in May? I forget. I put up The Phoenix. My favorite authors here in wyveren: Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith Great author and leaves wonderfully helpful comments! Makenzi I. Crouch Had a lovely rewrite of 'Beauty and the Beast' (And she told me how to do this! Very nice person.) (She has since left elfwood.) :( Rachel 'Arrowfire' Morgan My sister! Has some stories that are good, and they are getting better every time she updates. J. Atlas Burke Great writer, and has some pretty amazing stuff in his library. Claire 'Pegasus' Griffin Love her thief story, and all of the others are really good too. Alison A. McCartan The first person to link me! Her Cinderella story, was quite imaginative. I will never think of Cinderella in the same way again. (Unfortunately, she too has left us.) :( Becca Lusher Great stories, although most of them are a bit long. Che Franz Joseph Monro What to say... Just go visit his page, you won't regret it. Alice L. Raven Love her dancers... Jenna Morgan Swallow. Go. READ. You will like. Sarah O. Parkison Fun half-elf. You don't want to miss her. Inger Marie Hognestad She has started a critique group called Wyvernsmiths and it has been a help to say the least, and she has a library full of great stories. And I don't read any of them much anymore. It's a sad day. I've decided I'm too busy. *bleh* Teaches me to take more than 16 credits.p.p.p.s. O.O I've not been on here in years... >.> maybe I'll update it soon... or maybe not. It depends on what I find in my files :)


Ummm, as I told J. Atlas Burke, I never thought I would write a story like this one, so I went and wrote one anyway. I'm not sure if I particularly like it, but I withhold my judgement, and you can tell me what you think. (one page, finished.)(I think)

Mrs. Squirrel and Mr. Weasel

The story of the good Samaritan, with a twist. ^_^ Reminds me a little of Brian Jauques stuff. (2 pages, finished)

Mircha's Story

This is the story of Mircha. (11 pages, unfinished)

Dark and Stormy Night

Everything happening in the story is really happening... (3 pages, finished)


A rewrite of cinderella. I am in the middle of writing the first chapter, which is why it ends so abruptly. (three pages, unfinished)

The Phoenix

The beginning of Vampires. And the beginning of the end for Phoenixs.

Terry's Story

This is set in a world that is like ours, but instead of magic becoming a myth, science became a myth and magic became like science in our world. (six pages, unfinished)