Curtis Hunt

For a bio, check my other sections (you should anyways)I've been wanting to get a Fan Quarter gallery for a long time, but never had enough to put in it but then my sis rented the new Mega Man game, memories flew back and wham! I start drawing Mega Man stuff.

Anya meets Pixies

This story is a short story written by me (of course), that is the beggining (first story) of my 'Adventures of Anya' (working title) series that I'm working on. (Any characters, and some races or characteristics of races (like the Pixies' glow) are my own, please don't steal them. Thank you)

Kingdoms of the Sky

This was a faerie tale I wrote for my lit class senior year in high school. I got an A and was really proud of it because I know I suck at writing.

Xor'Nagan and Yygrand Part 1

This is actually a paper I did for my Roman civ class, but I thought it told a story well, or could at least start one so right now I put it up as part one.

The End of Blood

Things have been pissing me off. After a week, I finally sat down and wrote this short story. I will let people make their own interpretations