Da'Gon (Anglic)

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Curtis Hunt

this is the demon Da'Gon from my story (I actually havn't gotten it written to the part where he is yet). He is a demon who was locked away in the underworld for betraying the demons in the war between heaven and hell. After seeing a little girl killed by demons he took pity on her due to the sadness in her eyes, he picked her up adn she smiled her last smile, content and comforted, in the arms of Da'Gon. Da'Gon travelled to the Gates of heaven, handing the girl's body over to the angel Hor'Tar for burial, and then, he said a prayer for her. For this the demons chained him away, heaven did not interfere for he was still an evil demon, but, something had changed in him. After being set free by some adventurers he met up with his brother and after having his blade broken and his brother poised to kill, he realizd that his brother had been the one to murder the girl, so, in a rage, he grabbed his broken blade, but it was no longer broken, it was once again whole, but different, for rather than being made of hellish material, it was made of that of heaven. He had also grown new wings, and his armor changed to new material. he defeated his brother, avenging the girl's death, but more importantly, bringing justace. So, having been forgiven his sins, and sccepting the gift of love the girl gave him, he became an angel. whew, that was long.

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