Natasha Hill

I like Art:Drawing, Sculpting (I'll try some other things!) Sports: Riding horses, western style and hope to ride English Fav Fantasy subject: centaurs! Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Monk, Jockey(from off of AnimalPlanet) Storm Chasers ( I do not watch a lot of tv shows..Just not so entertaining for me) Anime: (yea!) From Bleach to Naruto DeadmanWonderland, Saint seiya lost Canvas, Loveless, Togainu no chi, Ouran Highschool, FruitBaskets, Advent Children,Wolf'sRain, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Utena, Sailormoon,RD Veda..goes on from there Favourite books Storm of the Century by Steven King Favourite music Japanese rock pop, German rock/metal, Turkish pop, Rpg soundtracks mostly from Uematsu, Silent Hill tracks, Some country, Indian bollywood