Alisha Dean

I am a library lady, living in Missouri with my husband and other mammals.

The Gnomes and the Dragon

 A gnomish folktale explaining how gnomes came to worship dragons.

The End

I had written a quasi-sequel to Silver-Eyes -- it took place in the same setting (though centuries later), and has a guest appearance by the ghost of Taydile Kett. Otherwise the two were not closely connected. It was called Child of the Old Hero, and this was a possible ending for it.

Salisbury Plain

A poem about Stonehenge.


A poem used by a fairy to enchant a human.

Sav the Satyr

Sav the satyr does not intend to lose his girlfriend's trust. His best friend isn't making it easy.


A human kept as a pet by aliens learns about the unusual fuel they use.

Someone Else's Mail

A knight asks a young elf to watch his horse for a moment. While guarding the animal, a note for the knight is delivered to the elf.

Under the Violet Sky

Another short. Alien pollution has given a red tinge to everything in the sky. Alien influence has changed everything in the characters' lives.

The Silver Goblet

A humorous short about an arrogant prince and a hard-of-hearing hermit

Ornieva and Arydosk

The young goddess Ornieva meets a strange but gentle creature, a son of her family's enemies.

The Red Egg

A priest and a wizard's ghost are conspiring to change the future.

Goblin on Trial

Nurg the goblin is accused of theft, vandalism, inciting a riot, attempted assassination, and indecent exposure. He insists he's innocent.

The Urisk's Lament

Douglas is a shy, ugly urisk who wants nothing more in the world than to have friends - one thing it seems he is doomed never to have.