Sokhar S'ith

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David Freed

Sokhar-Sith: (Soh' khahr sith'). A relatively large and malevolent being with the ability to travel 'just beyond' (meaning beyond the plain of this universe). It appears, when 'just beyond' to be comprised of shadow, or, possibly, of greyish or black vapors. When it chooses to materialize fully in this plane, it is completely black, with a somewhat bulbous, vaguely spheroid or ovoid body at the front of which are ten to twenty long, spiney arms or limbs. These may or may not have claws or pincers at their ends, but will, always, at least have sword or spear-like spikes at minimum. These arms are arranged in a ring around the creature's 'face', which includes four reddish glowing eyes, which the Sokhar S'ith can 'extrude' to the surface of its constantly shifting, roiling and oily skin. These eyes are arranged in a 'U'-shape just above a large swelling in the center of the face. This swelling can open to allow the creature to extend its mouth-parts, which are comprised of a pair of massive, serrated horny chelae (pincers) located at the end of a thick, muscular trunk or arm. Sokhar S'ith are carniverous by nature, and seem to be similar to both humans and Elves in that they take pleasure in killing their prey. While they can move extremely quickly, Sokhar S'ith do not normally do so. Instead, they seem to prefer to employ their hypnotic abilities to prevent their victims from escaping. They are not particularly intelligent, driven largely by instinct--or by the control of another being, such as a Sokh'ma S'ith.

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