Aaron Staengl

I grew up in the mountains of Virginia.I have always loved to draw and paint other worldly things.The mysteries behind the mystery.In childhood I was inspired by many luced dreams,sci-fi,fantasy,and the effulgence of nature.Now I am inspired by deep feelings unfolding from the core of my being.I have been to Indea,Nepal,Singapore,Jamaica.I enjoy painting people and things from other cultures.I've been in New Mexico for the past few years studying Ayurveda and Tibetan painting.Thank's for checking out my pictures.Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything onto my page. I just wanted to clarify the ideas about how my art with all of the traditional Indian and Tibetan deities fits in to the Fantasy art world. Actually this type of art is no more or less fantasy or religious art than any of the other types of numerous pictures of elves, ferries and dragons on this site. It is simply a matter of perception weather something is seen as fantasy or religious iconography. Elves, ferries, gnomes, and (European) Dragons come from ancient European Druid and Pagan religions, as well as folk tales and legends. All of this falls under the category of Mythology, similarly Tibetan Bodhisattvas and Indian Deities come from Eastern Mythologies. What makes something religious art is if one worships those images, and I do not do that although I love and respect the art forms. There are also numerous sites in Elfwood that have Egyptian, Greek and other Gods from different ancient religions. I love all Mythological art, I’m not criticizing anyone, I just want to say that if anyone thinks that my art is more religious than fantasy, it is a misconception of perception as I have clarified above.   By the way, if anyone wants to use my art on a tour they are welcome to, no need to ask. Commissions available on request. To see more of check out:  http://www.yessy.com/aaronananta/gallery.html