Andi Abadi

I'm always a big fan of fantasy outlined stories. I get lots of influences from DnD games, and in the last 3 years, Magic the Gathering TCG. They gave me lots of ideas to write, apart from the ideas i developed since birth (har..har..!) Mostly, i tried to stick on writing my story into completion, but it seems that i need such a community as this one to give me the proper support and spirit. Honestly, I've been writing stories since in high school, and I haven't finished even one! I really, really hope that this time, I'll get it done, and perhaps share it with the world. You know, see if anyone likes them the way I do. Currently, there's only two chapters of one storyline, The Saviour. I'll continue writing, and probably post next chapters in the following weeks (or month). Anyway, if anyone of you out there are reading this, just make sure you check this site again in at least a month. New chapters addition is guaranteed!

The Saviour - Prologue

This is a story of Arrax, a man who lives in the loneliest edge of a kingdom who founds that life and fate has something up in the sleeves for him.

The Saviour - Chapter 01

Arrax founds himself in the company of Zia, a misterious girl who happened to save him. Where do they go next?