Rebecca Lynn Stacey

Time for some MAJOR re-working of all of my galleries. I figure because Elfwood is all new and improved, so should the art I display, because really, I haven't uploaded anything since before the summer, and thats sort of depressing. I've been using Deviantart, because the Uploads are so much faster. But in any event, here are some of my most recent works. I hope you like them, savvy.

Eternal Holy

This is actually the spell used to destroy vampires from the Novel I'm writing. Will the novel ever get posted? Maybe Maybe...

The Legend of King Arthur part 1

Well I'm writing a poem about King Arthur's life in the same style used for 'Lady of Shallot' This is the first part talking about Uther and Igraine (the wife of the Duke of Cornwall) and the 'romance' between the to of them. Its alittle choppy still but this is the first cut. I'll have to go back and rework if after I've left it alone for a bit.


This is a poem about Christianity destroying some of the old ways and leading, in turn, to the fall of Avalon.

Heart of Darkness

its a play im writing with a kind of deep biblical theme. To me, because of my beliefs the bible is a work of fiction. THIS IS NOT FINISHED The stuff in bracettes should be in italics...