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Well hello again. I'm finally done with college and back into the swing of writing! I have started a new story and revisted a few old ones that I hope you all like.Until I do write some more in the story that you all seemed to love (thank you!) I hope you enjoy this new story, The Otherking, chapter by chapter. =^_^=UPDATE: A new installment of Liadan is here! Chapter 13, which is longer than most of my other chapters, has finally been written and put on Elfwood. I'm so glad I finally broke the curse of college and I hope to keep this updating more steadily in the future. So, please, read and enjoy!UPDATE 10/18/07: A new chapter of The Otherking has arrived! Please enjoy it! 

Liadan, Chapter 10

Liadan finds herself in a rather uncomfortable situation with Cyric and Griffe. She also finds out something about Cyric that she never imagined could be possible. I have to give most of the credit for this chapter to my best friend Kelly. I was having an incredible bought of writer's block and she pulled me through it. Much of this chapter is her own creation and I thank her for her amazing dedication to the furthering of my story. *Hugs and kisses kell-bell!*

Liadan, Chapter 13

Tah dah! Finally, after many years of waiting, I have finally brought a new chapter of Liadan to Elfwood. I hope everyone really enjoys this! After leaving everyone on a bit of a cliffhanger for what was going to happen to Cyric, you finally have a partial answer here. Cyric's story, his past, is only just starting to get uncovered, so strap in and prepare for a great ride! This chapter also builds on Griffe's character and Liadan herself. But, for the most part, Liadan takes a back seat to the two men currently in her life. Please enjoy!

Liadan, Chapter 9

After hearing about the Birdshifters from Griffe, Liadan will do anything to know where they can be found.

The Otherking - Chapter Two

Here we find out a little more about Evaleena, Malora and Danir. But, mostly more about Evaleena.

Liadan, Chapter 8

Liadan, being more than slightly shook up about the guard, listens to Griffe's story of how his home land was created.

Liadan, Chapter 3

Liadan is finally ready for her Becoming. She isn't sure what to expect during her time in the ritual cavern, but what happens never even crossed her mind.

Liadan, Chapter 12

Not only did I upload chapter 11, I've got 12 for everyone too! ^_^ This one is a small break from the happenings of Liadan. I decided that it should be known what is going on at Burgany Manor with Ahearn and Lidya. I wonder what Lidya has gotten herself into??

Liadan, Chapter 2

It is the morning after the party and Liadan feels her upcoming Becoming like weight upon her shoulders. She is determined to enjoy her 'last day as a child.'

Liadan, Chapter 7

Liadan is woken up in the middle of the night by someone banging at Cyric's door. Will she ever be able to get away?

Liadan, Chapter 4

Liadan returns home from her night of Becoming. Her maid, Maris, discovers something that neither of them expected. Something that will change Liadan's life forever.

Liadan, Chapter 6

Liadan meets a mysterious, handsome, elf at Cyric's house and learns that there is always hope.

Liadan, Chapter 5

After running away from the the changes in her home, Liadan runs into more embarassment when she has an encounter with Cyric.

Liadan, Chapter 11

Well...here it is...FINALLY! I hope you all like it, though it does still need some revision. Sorry about the abrupt ending, I was planning on going on, but I figured that I needed to post something before I could continue on. ^_^ Anyway, enjoy!

Liadan, Chapter 1

Liadan ahn'Ahearn is the daughter of the Lord of Burgany. She is sixteen years old, the time of Becoming in her world.

The Otherking - Chapter One

Welcome to my new world! I'm sorry to have kept everyone waiting for so long for any kind of writing from me, but I hope you all enjoy this new story. This is mostly an introduction chapter to meet some of my characters: Danir, Evaleena, and Malora. I hope you fall in love with them as quickly as I did. Enjoy!