Hi there!Hihi my picture may look lika an eaten aple but if you look close you can find two pictures of me in profile :DREAD THIS:Before I say something else I would like to thank all of you who's spending a litlle of your time looking trough my gallery. An even greater thanks to all of you who take your time to write all of theese nice comments. ANd for those who is tagging me I want to give a greaaaaat hug! ^^ If you happend to see me somwhere in stockholm I promise I will kiss your feet! XDTo all of you: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!OK now I'm going to say something about myself. I'm Anna 15 years old. I live in Sweden with my family in Stockholm. I love playing the guitar and being with friends. Eh... if you want to know anything about me you will have to sen me a message :DI just want to say something that might not have anything to do with art... I have heard that some peoples belives that there is polar bears walking around in the streets of Stockholm... I Just wanted to say that it's NOT true. =P It is way to warm for them.Some of theese pictures are really old but I hope you will like them anyway. YAY!!!! I FINELY GOT A PENDING TICKET!! :DP.L.E And don't you dare to leave without sending a message or comment! ;)  I like Judo, music and friends GUITAR YAAAY Favourite movies I don't know... Haven't seen that much of them... Favourite books No idea Favourite music I don't know... A little bit of everything but mostly rock :P