Alicia Boros

I feel that fan art is a great form of artistic expression. To receive a gift of art is a great complement to the artist. I am most fond of making fanart based on the Aliens Versus Predator Series. I was employed as a volunteer on as an Art Specialist. You may have seen my older AvP art there. Aside from AvP, I also love The Guyver, an anime series that had two live-action movies made from them. They're not very good but I love them.I'm a big fan of Felicia the cat girl (from Vampire Savior/Dark Stalkers), Pyramid Head, Kroenen (from Hellboy), SnakeEyes (from GIJoe), Skitty (from Pokemon) and Cyrax (from Mortal Kombat.)I will admit that drawing Fan Art is rare from me at times because commissions and art trades take priority, but once my personal art projects come into focus, I wish to draw my Predataurs again and expand on their attacks and weaponry.Thank you for looking at my work.Please note: This has been a recurring comment on my Predator art and I would like to talk about it briefly. I draw my Predator males and females at varying heights. Yes, sometimes my females are larger than the males and sometimes they are smaller. I don't care what Dark Horse says is "right." This is my way of drawing Predators. Please understand this. I find it rude when told to search for Predators to find more information about them. Don't assume that because I draw the females shorter that I am drawing them wrong. This is my style of drawing them.Thank you.- Guyver47