i draw because it comes naturally to me. My Art has progressed over time and is quite unique. i am heavily into the Neil Gaiman's the sandman and love it. i think the poto is very hot. not to mention dream, cloud, James Hetfield, the lead singer from creed, and roland, the gunslinger from stephen king's the darktower series oh, and I'm back into my Erik love/craze again. 'A Golden Dragon...', 'Dragon Battle', and 'Tripoli' are going on to an art contest. Update on the art contest--wasn't accepted (go figure) but got a free book from them! Michael Myers is so sexy! I am proud to be cursed with Thorn. All hail Michael Myers! Praise to Ariya, and to Lord Samhain, who I'm sorry to say has yet to be either scanned or photographed.