Abranda Sisson

03-25-04 1 New picture. Been swamped with art commissions and things. Had a difficult time keeping up on comments. I will get to all of you as soon as I can. Thanks. 09-16-03 New updates. Thanks to all those who have commented on my artwork. I do apologize for not responding to them. I was not aware that I had so many. I have been taking a break from the computer for awhile as other pressing things were taking up my time. I do appreciate all the comments and the constructive critisisms. They are a big help as I am making the transition from amatuer to professional artist. I do hope that no one will feel slighted by my mass reply to all of the comments, but there is only so much time in a day. Just know they are all appreciated. And as I am able I will visit those that I can and leave a little comment or two for you as well. Thanks again. 02-20-03 Big clean up. Removed lots of old images and ones that weren't generating any comments. Add a few new pics. Please leave a comment or two, good or bad. I'm not so defensive as to start a war if you don't like my art. I only ask that you be nice. Tact will take you a long way. As for the rest, I'm sure your not really interested in me, just my art. I draw. And on occasion I sell what I draw. That's what I do. Besides that, I'm a mom and a wife, a full time student, and an accountant. I'm short and thin, have blue eyes and auburn red hair. Love cats and angels. For anything else, visit my website, http://www.muddvision.com. I do take commissions. Thank you and enjoy your visit.