Welcome visitor, I joined Elfwood a long time ago on September 11th 2000, you can call me an Elfwood dinosaur.:) It was the first site at that time on which I could post my paintings. I have always been painting. Why? I just need to, it helps me dealing with feelings that are haunting my mind, sort of freshing up my thoughts. Finding inspiration in everything that surrounds me, a world close to me. I envy the artists who can expand their world and create the fantasy-art you see in Elfwood. Still want to know more? Okay, I like to live, like to laugh, like to learn, am still playing computer games, am still subscribed to a Disney comic. When you are honest and have a sense of humour, you are my friend, when you are selfish and rude to others, you’re not. My device is, out of negative situations always grow positive things, even though it may sometimes take a while to recognize them. For the rest, look at my work, you can see me all over the place, like an open book… I like to thank Thomas F. Abrahamsson for creating the Elfwood site, where we can expose our art and make so many friends. Here is a link to my daughter Laura's site , she has a great gallery, she puts a lot of effort in her work.   Join Elftown! The official community for Elfwood artists and writers. Do you wish to make a catwoman? Or enjoy the works of catgirl creators? Go to this Yahoo group           Don't hit the 'All Comments' button, you can better go here