Allison Cagle

Well, I'm Kat and I love anime. If you don't I suggest you leave this gallery now and never look upon a gallery with my name on it ever again. My most current obsessions happen to be Hellsing, Naruto, and King of Bandit:Jing manga. I don't do much fanart, so when I do, I try to make it good. That's why there's not much here. I'll do art trades and requests. Please comment..comment..I'm beggin' ya...Okay just as a rule, from now on, NO POINTLESS COMMENTING. I don't think you people realize how utterly annoying it is to see 'oh I have a new comment' and read it and it be completely pointless except to say you like the series. Nothing about the artwork, whether you like the picture or not. Also, even the ones that do say if you like it or not, the ones that rave on and on are equally annoying. me out on this, though I know I'm ranting. I'll take requests, collaboration, and trades, but if you want me to do it, send the email to Just a really cool artsy fanart person:Heidi Jackson