Andreia Diónis

Hi, I'm Andreia,I have 20 years old for the moment and I live in Portugal. I love fantasy, my favority books are The lord of the rings and also Sabriel,Lirael and Abhorsen. I have short story divided in a few poems coming soon.  You can also see my poems in ( the poems are in portuguese and my pen name is Adionis) Hope you like my poems and please leave a comment.   It was with shock and grief that a knew about the death of my favorite writer here in Elfwood. Larry N. Morris will be missed.

The necromancer

Revenge can lead to madness

Creatures of the Night

A poem about a woman

Deceiver, part one

The first part of a small storie

Deceiver, part two

You are my light

A love story


Hope is one of the best things we have