Adam Hammonds

I'm Adam, a 27 year old from Texas and one time member of gallery 288 that disappeared, so I'm back in 1683 (man this place has grown, I used to think 288 galleries was big). I am a Computer Programmer and a Computer Technician. I currently work mostly as a technician and do some freelance art on the side. Most of my time is spent trying to balance my life. I'm married and a father of three sons. My life is quite intriguing when trying to find enough time to do all the things I love and spend time with my family. I have always loved drawing since I was a young boy. I can remember watching my mother draw and paint for hours at a time . I started out when I was six sitting in the floor tracing super hero valentines cards. Comic books was a very big discovery for me.From Conan the Barbarian (my long time favorite) to The X-Men I loved them all . You could even say I learned to draw from comics (I have never had an art lesson). After the comic's , I grew very interested in the writting of the authors J.R.R. Tolkien ( the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings) , Robert E. Howard ( Conan, Red Sonja ,Soloman Kane) and H.P. Lovecraft and now in modern times I can jorney to great fantasy realms in games like the Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls series and many, many more. This greatly influenced my artistic style. My greatist inspairation will always be my mothers art . If you'd like to see her Elfwood gallery , just click here