Andrea Koreen

I've been drawing my whole life, and fantasy has always been a big love for me. I drew my first dragon in elementary, I think I was 10, with a peice of charcoal my brother stole from the art room for me and haven't looked back since.   I do a lot of line drawings, not as many backgrounds as I should. Pencil crayons are fun but my favorite medium is watercolor. I've been working with more sculpture lately than paper art, and most of it is not fantasy themed, or what is isn't finished. I'm trying to improve on my art in general, but I'm pretty proud of what I CAN do. I always appreciate constructive criticism, so please, don't hesitate. June 14th, 2008I feel terrible that I haven't updated in forever.  I haven't been doing a whole lot of art, but I do have a few new bits I'll try and upload soon.  School has kept me very busy for the last 2 years, but I write my certification exam in a week's time, and after that I should have more time to work on projects that have been on the back burner, like my dragon tea-pots.   I like Art and fantasy (obviously) most anything nature related, and ... certain australians.. *shifty eyes* Besides that, love animals, music, and helping people. Favourite movies TV is evil. Favourite books And the list goes on... Currently re-reading Steven Erickson's "Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen" series. Fantastic, I tells ya! Favourite music um... eclectic tastes, ranging from classic rock to folk and classical and -almost- everything in between... most listened to genre right now is ambient..