Hmm...Not much going on in my life except trying to find a job in all the crazy economic stuff going on right now. Be sure to check out my art page for the "Offbeat Music Awards," which is something I made up because I got bored with the music award shows on television. I'm still using my Wyvern's account as my main account here...Force of habit, I guess.I seem to have added a little poetry to my shelf, something I never thought I'd do. "Grebsa's War Chant," "Veroshi Hymn," and "Veroshi Hymn 2" are tie-ins to my Grebsa stories.A Day in Veroshi City: I don't really consider this "current" anymore since "Veroshi City Festival" is technically the revised version. It's basically what I imagined a typical day in Veroshi Ciy might look like.Veroshi City Festival: Geralt reincarnates while rescuing Veroshi puppies from a snowstorm and the Veroshi invite some high-ranking Grebsas to a winter festival. It's a matter of whether certain pests from the past will come back to complicate things..."Hearts of Space." The story of first contact between the Grebsa-dominated Solar Empire and the alien Veroshi. Are the Veroshi really as peaceful as they claim, and can the human species prove that all those alien-invasion movies haven't gone to their collective heads?"Geralt and the Gypsies." A short story I flung out for the Inkwell Artisans project. Features Gypsies. I may revise this one."Hearts of Stone." Lizzy finds her brother, who has been genetically engineered into one of the catmonster Lords of the Grebsa Network. She must earn his trust to save her family and an empire."Adoption." This is kind of my "Awww!" story. Stacen the catmonster adopts an abandoned Veroshi infant."Terani and Vral." This is my experimental piece that seems to be pretty popular. A prince takes up the challenge of earning the hand of a princess raised by werewolves.For some really good writing, be sure to visit these writers' shelves:  Scott Morris  Mandy Burnham  Désirée R. 'Eo' Dippenaar I like Writing stories and surfing Elfwood Favourite movies Contact, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Dinotopia Favourite books Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern, Isaac Asimov's Robot stories Favourite music Classic Country & Western and Oldies


I'm calling this one "Contact" until I think up a better name. The Veroshi have just coasted to the boundaries of the Solar Empire. It's time for the first face to face contact. But not everything is all hugs and kisses yet.

The Tinnik Rebellion Pt 2

This is tentative Part 2 of "The Tinnik Rebellion." Stacen arrives on Mars and he doesn't really want to be there. You kind of wonder, Will something happen to make him stay on Mars?

The Tinnik Rebellion Pt 1

Whoo...It's been about forever since I uploaded anything! I'll try to get better about it, I promise. Anyway, this is something new--the occasionally-referred-to "Tinnik Rebellion."

Terani and Vral Pt 2

Finally getting a tentative second part up here...Sorry about how long it took me; you wouldn't believe how jealous the Grebsas are when it comes to my writing time. Basically this is throwing Vral's father into the mix.

Terani and Vral, pt 1

This is a very preliminary title. Introducing three experimental characters: Vral, a human princess raised by werewolves; Terani, a young prince/adventurer; and Elian, a king who is beginning to regret leaving his daughter to be raised by werewolves.

Geralt and the Gypsies

I have Linday 'Disney Quotes' Verde and the Inkwell Artisans to thank for this. This is set a few weeks after 'Hearts of Space.' Geralt and his new Veroshi friend, Ruyana, go on a day-trip to the Gypsy fair.

A Grebsa's Chant

This is supposed to be something the Grebsas came up with for a Veroshi celebration.

Hearts of Space pt 1 (revised)

OK, this has been HEAVILY revised...Sorry to everyone who read it before, especially recently. The Grebsas are minding their own business when they are contacted by pretty aliens. Are they prepared for the consequences?

Hearts of Stone pt 3

A strange spacequake rocks Sol System. While Riana takes advantage of it, Stacen has to make a decision that does not make Lizzy happy.

A Day in Veroshi City

This is supposed to be what a typical day in Veroshi City might be like.

Hearts of Stone, pt 2

A treacherous cult kidnaps a Guardian. Meanwhile, Lizzy, Stacen, and his family begin their journey to the Moon.


Gana finds an abandoned Veroshi infant. Also, be sure to visit Stephen 'Werepenguin' Cauley. He drew a cute picture of baby Rora! Here's the URL:

Heart of Stone, pt 1

Set roughly 5000 years after Hearts of Space. Grebsas and humans have mistrusted each other for millennia. Now Lizzy and Stacen must transcend that to save both

Veroshi Hymn 2

I think I did a better job with this than with my other Veroshi hymn. Mostly because I based it on one of my favorite hymns. Cyber-cookies for anyone who can guess which one.