News: I'm probably never going to post another piece of artwork on Elfwood ever again because the mods and staff have become intolerably picky at what they let into their fine establishment and it takes much too long to update. Why are there ques now just when you want to edit text descriptions of your already posted work? :/ Also, apparently my "Adnama Lavode" character isn't fantasy enough now as it was six years ago. Way to go Elfwood. Hello Deviant ART. I'm going to leave everything else as it is. If anything else gets removed or changed, I don't care anymore. I actually want to see how much of my gallery will be removed in the future to their insane exculsivity. If anyone wants a real bio of me here goes: My full name is Amanda D. James, but I prefer to be called 'AJ' in most instances. x3 I'm a 21 year old female and I was born on June 27th, 1985. I have grey eyes (I doubt you could tell by looking at the picture O_o..)and have strawberry blondish-brown hair. I'm in college right now and I'm majoring in Art and I'm finally taking some art classes. x3 I live in the great state of North Carolina, more specifically at ECU in Greenville. I'm not religious at all, but I'd identify myself more as an existentialist. I own a plethora of knives, swords, and other medieval weaponry. I have a boyfriend, Glenn, so I'm not single. He's such a wonderful man and I love him very dearly. He's a big inspiration to me and my art as well. I don't know what I'd do without him because he pretty much holds me together at the seams. ^_^ To cut down on the size of my bio, I exported an Elftown page with all of my favorite things on it. So if you want to know some of my favorite stuff, go to my favorites page. ^_^ ▫ FAQ ▫Many people have asked me a lot of questions about a lot of different stuff, so I made this FAQ. Plus, my bio was getting too long. If you have any questions, please go here before you come and ask me directly, because the answer to your question will most likely be here. On to the FAQ!▫ The Art Thief ▫I have been inconvenienced by an art thief, referred to by the name 'Paine' but can also be known as Stacey, Lhia, Kytani, or any offshute of my real name or my nicknames. She has stolen all of the art I've got posted online and my identity. She even tried to sell my work while posing as me. If anyone sees any recognizable stolen art of mine, please contact me. Thank you to all those that helped me out! If you would like more information about this thief go here to learn more. I would very much like it if everyone would also read my Disclaimer on this subject. Thank you. :3▫ Pirates! ▫Since my Anthro Pirate picture is so popular, and people seem to want to see more of the pirate crew, I've dedicated a gallery on Elftown to them. I've made it viewable to those who don't have an account on Elftown, so no one will be left out! ^_^ I've revamped the site, so load times should be much better now. Click the link below to enter!¤ Anthro Pirate Gallery ¤