Adriane Winters

hmmm... about me, eh?I live in northern Canada; the beautiful Yukon.  My house is not an igloo and there are no polar bears here, but I do say "eh" from time to time.  ;)Welcome to my little glade in the Wood.  Most of what you find here will be grey-scale, as graphite is my medium of choice.  Some of this stuff is getting quite old (-like, 2 or 3 years old in some cases), but I have a soft spot for lots of it and haven't gotten around to cleaning up yet.  Ah well.  If you like what you see please comment - I will almost always return the favour.  Critique is most welcome and much apreatiated. The genre of Fantasy is where I love to dwell; with epic quests, powerful sorerers and Dark Lords.  One question though:  Why is it always bread and cheese?  Seriously.  Fantasy heros eat it incessantly!  Good grief.   Anyway, I've rattled on long enough.  Look around, stay awhile - I hope you enjoy it.  I like drawing, reading, singing, politics, broadway, 80's time travelling movies, etc etc. Favourite books Wow, so many! Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett, LotR, The Perilous Gard, Interview With the Vampire and the Vampire Lestat, etc etc. Favourite music Bon Jovi! Kiss! Valdy! mostly rock and jazz (I love jazz music.) and.... anything epic. yeah.