Ron Maxwell

I'm a compulsive fantasy artist and world builder who has a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration. My passion in life is forming rich and complex worlds then inflicting them on others. My mission is to let other people get a glimpse of the worlds i see all the time.  My art comes in part from observations on the everyday world and what those observations could be applied to in other ways. Every picture a new horizon, every painting a new dawn.  I like anything fantasy or sci-fi, natural life, biology and earth sciences. Favourite movies lord of the rings (both the old cartoons and the new trilogy!), Legend, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars, Avatar, Princess Bride, Favourite books Xanth series, Lord of the Rings, Magic the Gathering novels, Harry Potter series, Faeries (Froud & Lee), Dinosaurs (William Stout), Spiderwick, The Search for WonDLa, Favourite music Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, Murder By Death, Muse, Oasis, The Beatles, Foo Fighters,