Talitha Mirin

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Caroline Berg

"For twenty gildon I dare you to jump off the Voska Brigde!" "Who in their right mind would take a bet like that?" "And for so little gild?" "I bet you anything that Talitha would do it.  And she wouldn't take you money.  She'd do it just because you dared her." Talitha Mirin, cousin to Gloria Mirin.  Talitha is a dare-devil to the extreme.  Perhaps it's because she grew up as a slave to the Kyv and was constantly getting into dangerous situations.  Perhaps it's because she loves the power of scaring others instead of being scared.  Or maybe she just likes the rush.  Whatever the reason, she is the single most dangerous Sky Pirate. Talitha loves the rush of battle.  She was overjoyed when she got her facial scars in her first skirmish as a member of the Sky Pirates.  Now she was a real pirate.   Most people mistake Talitha for Gloria.  After all, while they both has similar coloring and scars, Talitha is taller, and most consider her prettier.  Gloria likes to use this to her advantage.  People tend to think Gloria is taller from the way she acts, but she is actually kind of short.  Talitha refuses to use guns, unlike Gloria, since that was how her family was killed.  She makes up for it being the best sword fighter.  She also uses her daggers as throwing weapons, in place of guns. Talitha wears a locket with pictures of her mother and father inside.  The name Talitha means "maiden" or "child." **** Talitha just popped into my head one day.  I already had a whole story idea for her cousin Gloria, but then along came Talitha, who demanded just as much, if not more, attention.  She actually does have an entire story in my head now too.  And it is Talitha who eventually stops the warlord and priest who destroyed Atragonia, with the help from several others, of course.  Now, as for the coloring, it has been about 9 months since I sat down and seriously colored something on a computer (my piece Meditations on the Void doesn't count, since the bulk of the coloring was done using gradients.)  Point in fact, most of my old computer-colored stuff uses a goodly amount of gradients.  Here, gradients were only used for the sword blade.  Everything else was colored and smudged by hand... I mean mouse.  My favorite part: the blood on the sword!  Mmm... blood...  And I love the shading on her pants! Drawn in the middle of October 2007, and colored over the next week and a half.  She was drawn and colored before Gloria.  Again, about four to six hours a day doing the shading.  Oh the agony!  Her boots, though awesome, took about 4 hours alone to shade.  Four hours!!!  And that isn't counting the garnets along the side.  Those took two hours on their own!  (Though to be fair, I did all the gems at the same time, so that also counts for the gems on her daggers and such.)  And yes, those are garnets.  Garnets can be purple.  Talitha likes garnets.  They are mainly purple and red, which are her favorite colors.  Drawn in pencil, colored on a computer in GIMP!

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