Camille Sabino

I joined Elfwood for fun and to connect with different people in the world. i would like to share some of my written works to people and also recieve helpful advice as well. I like to improve my writing and in some way be more inspired. I have been a fan of Elfwood since middle school back in 1999 when my friend Heather indroduced me to the site. I like Literature, Ancient history, Religions, Anime, Art, Poetry, Animals, Mythology, karate, Music, Going out with friends, Meeting new people, Researching, Science. Favourite movies Not much into fantasy/sci-fi shows but i will still name some, i don't watch much tv: Who's Line Is it Anyway, NCIS, That 70's Show, Ghost Adventures, South Park, Law & Order SVU Favourite books "Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil" Elizabeth Clare Prophet A few authors: Bob Curran, Scott Cunningham, Lester Sumrall, Karen Marie Moning, Jacquelyn Frank, Christine Feehan, Julia Templeton Favourite music Tool, A Perfect Circle, Godsmack, Withing Temptation, Evanescence, Sevendust, Massive Attack, Disturbed, Rev Theory, Korn, Staind, Linkin Park, Hana Pestle, 10 years, The Spill Canvas, The Birthday Massacre

Forbbiden Fruit

This i was inspired by the legends of the Angels that fell from heaven and chose to mate with the women of the earth. When i wrote this i only had one angel in mind.........Sammael aka Lucifer or Satan. He can be such a temptation......right?

Song from the Angels

This is a follow up of "Song Of The Fallen Ones".

Song of the Fallen Ones

A small descriptive piece to a story I am writing. This poem gives a small glance into what my story is about.

Where Is The Love?

Every one os us has asked this question.

A Longing

Something i created after reading about irish myths and legends.