Amanda Ellis

Well, now I'm here!!! Wonderful! So, let me introduce myself. I'm a university student, trying to get a bachelors in Paleontology, and also very much in love with writing. I love it! I can't seem to write enough. I mean, I love science, but there isn't as much of a story to it. Well, there is in a sense, but not like this. So, I write. It releaves my stress and it gives me something creative to do. Wow. I really don't know what to write here. I suppose I can tell you all why I like to write fantasy. Yes, I suppose I could tell you that. Well, it all comes down to the first time someone really hooked me on fantasy. Which was a few summers ago. One of my friends started me on the Mercedes Lackey series, and twenty some books later I was so hooked there was no way for me to stop reading fantasy. Since then I've been reading so much, but also writing it myself. You see, I also have a creative streak, and I love to put my ideas down on paper in the form of stories. Some people like them, and some don't. Which, in reality, is all anyone can expect. I just hope that there will be a few people here who like my writing. I should really stop rambling now. Alright, on to uploading stories!

Chapter 2

Another chapter... This chapter was so hard to write...

Echoes of the Chosen, Part II

Well, yes, I have more than just the first part done. So, without further ado, I give you... THE SECOND PART! Yup. Not much to say. It is what it is. You learn the first person narrator's name now. That's good. I feel bad for him. But, then again, this is who he is. Enjoy! (Oh, I'm sorry that the transitions between the pieces are a little harsh. It's his style and, well, it's meant to be read as a whole. Hopefully my wonderful readers can forgive me. Can you?)

Death Day

I haven't updated this site for quite some time and I've started taking a writing class. This is the first composition I did for it, and I'm pretty proud of myself. It's experimental, and short (it had to be less than 500 words), but I hope you like it!

Chapter 4

More, more, more. But this time there's some hope. Finally.

I Couldn't Stop Smiling

Well, I wrote this quite a while ago, when I was having some writer's block problems. My wonderful friend, Jocelyn was kind enough to help me by providing a few parameters for the story. The names Jamie and Lucas, a professon as a horse trainer, something that was futuristic and would fit in the Sci-Fi genre, and the phrase 'I couldn't stop smiling.' So, adhearing strictly to that, I came up with this. Which turned out to be somewhat creepy. I don't think she meant it to be quite like this. But whatever. Check it out, please. Anyway, that's all I really have to say about it, I suppose. Enjoy!

Echoes of the Chosen, Part III

There really isn't much to say about this. I'm enjoying the way this story is turning out and I will have to finish it soon. Hope you enjoy it! I love helpful comments!


Well, so far I don't have a title for this story, but please read it. This is just the prologue, and if anyone out there has a good idea for a title, by all means, leave me a comment! I'm not guaranteeing that I'll choose that, I'm rather picky, but still. Maybe one of you will have a stoke of genius that I haven't had yet. Anyway, this is a fantasy story, many different races in a different time and all. Well, I'll just let you read it.

Chapter 1

The next chapter of my story, so if you haven't read the prologue, go back and read that. Well, a continuation with the same character, things only get worse for her from this point on. I feel so bad for her...

Echoes of the Chosen, Part I

Well, I should be doing homework. I should be studying for the test I have tomorrow at 8am. But, well, this story has stolen my soul. That's right, it's completely devoured my soul. Soul sucking story. Bad. No biscuit. Anyway, it's a sci-fi romance thing, which was spawned because I realized something important about all the people in my head. All the couples end up happy. They belong together, they're well suited, it's all good. I'm the Queen of Drama and Tragedy and Depression. I needed to write something about people who weren't well suited, who were together even though they should have given up long ago. People who don't mean to hurt one another but do anyway. Well, I hope everyone enjoys this. I'm putting it up in several shorter installments, just so that it's not so daunting to look at and then I can put it up not quite finished. Right now it's at 15 pages. And not done yet. Maybe it'll turn into a novella and then it was alright to put it up in parts. Maybe not. Whatever. Anyway, hopefully some people enjoy it and, well, yeah!

Chapter 3

Well, if you've gotten this far, thank you!!! Another chapter... also hard to write... I feel so bad for my character...