Empress Alianna

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Angel Dowden

 She is the Empress of Maeirea~  Currently involved in a secret love affair with her bodyguard Sethriss. She's a calm, and demure woman when in the presence of nobility, and higher ranking officials, especially her husband, who she tends to stay submissively quiet and reserved around. (Aside from occasionally whispering into his ear about the suffering of 'her' people, in an attempt to sway him to help them.) But when she's only around those close to her (her chambermaids especially) she's willing to open up, joke around, and is a very gentle, and loving person. She especially relies on them to relay information about the current state of the commoners in the empire whom she cares greatly for, and wishes to help when flood, famine, disease, renegade nobles, etc. Affect them.  When entirely alone with Seth (Her bodyguard) she can finally relax and be her happy, loud, laughing, playful, and energetic self though, as they share a strong, passionate love for one-another; even though it's unlikely they'll ever be allowed to be together, even if the Emperor somehow is removed from the picture. (There's other 'backups' in line for the position of Emperor, who would have claim to her hand immediately.)  Now this is not to say she hates her husband. She does not hate him, as he's neither cruel nor crass towards her. But she simply does not love him, as she has little connection to him aside from title, and being (forcefully) chosen by him when they were both teenagers. (The tradition is that the most beautiful women (Or the most handsome/skilled men if it's an Empress) in the empire are brought to the capital when the child-Emperor is of age to marry, and are weeded out until a small number of girls remain. Then the Emperor chooses a wife, and is considered politically grounded on the throne, and can not be removed unless they die, in which case the Empress takes command, or the child of the Emperor if one exists.)  For her race she's considered quite beautiful, and she was chosen as Empress ENTIRELY for the beauty her current husband saw in her when he was choosing a wife. So most nobles who are unfamiliar with her consider her more of an accessory to her husband, than a leader in her own right.  Now she is relatively well educated, being versed in combat strategy, philosophy, history, art, etc. (FAR more than most men, let alone women.) But she knows nothing of magic, as she had no affinity for it as a child, and customs dictate that if you have no connection to the ethereal realms, you are not to dive into them.But even though she's quite intelligent, she chooses to play the part of witlessly beautiful woman when it benefits her to. (Many a time she's been able to get nobles to lead on to their true political agendas by simply pretending to know nothing of politics and war.)  She /ALSO/ belongs in the same world as Joren. 

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