Sunrise Chaser

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Elizabeth Bartlett

Do you hear me? I am running…always…I am doomed to a fate impossible…to chase the sunrise. I’ll never catch it. What am I? Besides cursed, I am a Pegasus. I used to beat my wings with a thunderous pulse, but my wings no longer carry me…the muscles have wasted away, and only a few scruffy feathers cling to the dry bone. I now run on my hooves, as fast as I can, never resting. My hooves are cracked and bleeding, and I’m cut and scraped from running through thorns and rocky valleys. I kick up dust and sparks. My blood and the froth of my mouth fly as I pursue my goal. I haven’t grazed in years; I starve constantly. My mane and tail are sparse and bedraggled, and my joints and bones protrude from under my pale, threadbare skin. My eyes are sunken in…yet there is a light coming from deep inside them. I’ll never stop running. I’m the fastest horse there ever was, even if I am tired. I’ll chase that sunrise. I’ve never caught it…but I can feel a change in the winds ahead. Maybe…today…I’ll catch it. Ok, on to how I really feel about this trashy piece of “art”…I am so frustrated with this thing; you have no idea!!! Here’s how this whole thing started: I thought to myself, “Well now, I haven’t drawn a decent horse in like a year or so,” so I sat down and decided to draw a horse. I’ve seen a lot of these beings around Elfwood that have these wings that are all broken and stuff, and I’d never done that, so I thought I’d try that too, while I was at it. So I spent hours poring over my encyclopedia set from the 80’s to look at horse anatomy and the anatomy of bird’s wings because, honestly, I’ve never been all that fantastic at that kind of stuff. Then I started sketching, and I don’t know how many times I redrew the legs, but I finally stuck with this position, although it looks really lame now that I look at it. But I guess it’s ok, considering the horse is supposed to be tired and stuff. But yeah, so then I inked it with a plain ol’ ballpoint pen, because it was the only thing I had with a point that was as fine as I needed it to be. Then I taped the thing down so it wouldn’t get al wrinkly and stuff, and then did the background. Waited for that to dry, then did a layer on the horse. Dried. Another layer. Dried. Did the wings. Dried. Did the details on the feathers. Did another layer on the horse. Blood. More blood. Did some spattering. Did more detail with acrylic paint…augh!!! So much detail and work, for something that looks half-baked! I assure you though; it’s not. As an afterthought, I think of the idea of this painting as kind of like being an artist: you struggle and strive and chase after your dreams to achieve whatever you want to, and even when it seems impossible, like chasing a sunrise, you just have to keep running after it, never letting it out of your sight. So, artists, I hope I’ve inspired you, at least, even if my art’s not the greatest. **Update** A little tweiking here and there, nothing much.

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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