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i. Borrowed Moonlight (Prologue)

I decided that my story needed a prologue... Other than that, I don't have much to say. I hope you enjoy it! :)(those of you who have read my later chapters might recognize some characters. XD)

VII. Lisius (Part B)

So, this is the second chunk of the chapter, significantly larger than the first....I sincerely hope you like dialogue. :(  And you don't mind subplots reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution.  And you like eery clock-and-dagger type dealings. (But who DOESN'T like those?) Next chapter, I check in with Willow again.... 

VII. Lisius (Part A)

This is a long chapter, so I split it in two....I won't say that Lisius is the villain.  There really isn't a distinct VILLAIN in my story, there are only different people and various conflicts of interests....  Lisius is Helena's advisor.  You will see more of him.

VI. Helena

Time for another random Point of View change!The mysterious woman that ended the last chapter is Emrpress Helena of Soltara, who we meet here.One of the things I've always marveled at is how easy telepathy seems in most Fantasy stories.  I imagine that it would take a fair bit of practice!  There's a lot more going on in your brain than yuo realize, and the person you're trying to communicate doesn't necessarily think in the same manner as you.  Unless you want to puzzle through the images, scents, sounds, emotions and erroneous connections in the other person's mind, the easiest thing to do would to be to focus on the words you're trying to communicate, and even then, you can't block everything out....

V. Gold, Silk and Stupidity

Another chapter with Thainen, at the Soltaran palace....

IV. The Orchid Parlor

Here, across the ocean from Magtara, we meet another important player in my story; Prince Thainen.  He is an ambitious mage, still smarting from a myserious disagreement with his father.This chapter is a little slow, but I promise more action and intrigue in the next chapter! :P

III. Caisus

It's about time that Willow got some answers!  Here, we meet Caisus, who (if you choose to keep reading) you will certainly see more of.  Caisus is a diplomat employed by King Athaine.  Because he is a mage, he exacts a certain degree of trust from the king, and is privvy to certain secrets....Caisus has a total of one fangirl. You can see a picture of him here:

II. The Corridor

It's quite brief.  Yes, I know. That aside, I think it's worth note that I haven't thoroughly edited any of this...

I. Hawthorn

(The prologue to this is called Borrowed Moonlight. It's not necessary to read that first, or at all, but it's an option....  I'm just sayin'...)This is the first chapter of my mess of a novel-in-progress.  Here, you meet Willow, who is NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER, merely one protagonist whose point of view I occasionally use. Yes, I know it's a little slow.  Constructive criticism is welcome.This chapter, and the next, are set-up for the rest of the story.  It takes place in a quasi-Victorian fantasy world, where magic, politics and human nature are seamlessly intertwined.