Agnieszka Osiwala

Hello and welcome im my little FanQuarter gallery!! What can I say about myself? hmm... I was born in 1986 :) in one of bigger cities in Poland. So my English is sometimes very poor... :) In my free time I read books, watch films, listen music (like everyone) and.... *surprise surprise* I draw a lot :) WOW that was surprising ;) Something about my drawings: I've been drawing almoust my whole life, since I was enough old to hold a pencil :) for me, drawing is the best way to relax :) I love mixing styles and medias. For all these years my drawings became more and more better, today I still practise - I want to be as good as my favourite fantasy artists maybe some days... :) You can find my stuff also on: My official gallery - Annon Amarth and other sites: DeviantART Epilogue PLFOTO my photos :) You can also buy some "products" with my pictures - just click HERE (Polish site) :)