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Agustin Amenabar

The Paladin Juner Napolis, son of a defeated general who escaped the hordes of the beast Kilbatridos after seeing his king Faor the Third (there's a whole story written in Spanish) Juner grew up in a small village near an ork settling, where he became a very devoted paladin of Zorum, the god of light in the darkness, a very genteel and powerful god, and so must be his followers (mostly orks). Juner is a bit short for human standards, and very small for ork standards, so he had to compensate with a lot of effort (he isn't very smart either) in becoming a paladin of Zorum. A few months after becoming recognized paladin of Zorum, he left with a friend, to join the Army of the Red Fist, an army in the way to meet Kilbatridos the beast in a final battle, in about ten years... But soon after joining the forces of the army, they were sent in a special mission, where they met Domador and the Bulette (actually they named Domador, who remembered no name before that). By then Juner had befriended Kereth, the Drow. They followed Domador into Carmesi, where they were almost killed by the sand people, but it was just a test for the 'Innocents Council' as the group had been referred several times. In the way to Carmesi they met Imter, a very very old ¿person? who lived inside a volcano... it is said that he sees the end of the world constantly with one of his eyes, and his work is to make it happen as it is supposed to be, not before or any other way... Imter answered 'the council' one question to each one of them, with a dream. Juner asked for a way to make the world to see the greatness and peace of Zorum... Juner dreamt of him mounting a unicorn in front of a huge and glorious army facing another army, then the unicorn asked: Are you sure this is what is good for us all?...  (to be continued with the drow) This is a pencil sketch I drew while playing the character in a friends campaign, in the universe of Kilbatridos . I liked it, then photographed it, and the poor lighting gave it a "antique" effect, that I enhanced in photoshop.

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