Andrew Hamilton

Any man who tells you that you were put on this earth without a destiny has not seen his own. Nothing happens without a reason -cause and effect- everything that hapens in this life is connected it's all linked, you- me- it's all conected, that's what they don't want us to know, but once you see the patterns, free will is acheived. Transcend the boundaries of the here and now, what you can see and touch, there's so much more to existance. Born February 4th 1987, Living in Oshawa my entire life. I'm not big on anime, in fact you may say i have a bias against it; unless it's genuinely original and interesting. Also, I'm an amature animator, my two comrades and I produce a hilarious online cartoon sitcom. Until we get a website (soon) just drop me a line and I'll drop you a link.