Andie Harland

Sooooo.... who IS this lunatic? Keep an eye out for her-- she's armed with a sharp sense of irony and is considered extremely dangerous to your sanity! O_o Name:It's at the top of the page! AKA Rori Firehawk to my Star Wars buddies. Gender: Female Age: 20 as of  18 July 2006. Woa. Interests: God (interesting Dude, really), Bible prophecy, debunking outrageous conspiracy theories, reading fantasy, sci-fi and a load of other stuff, drawing (DUH), writing stories, role-playing games, designing stuff for said role-playing games, debunking the whole 'D&D-is-satanic' thing, World of Warcrack... errr, Warcraft... Current Job: Full-time Coastie. Semper Paratus! (Trying to find a scanner on board a ship kinda sucks, though.) Religion: Christian, and derned proud of it! ^____^ Pets: Two poodles and two cats! Favorite Stuff-- Music: A lot of stuff-- classical music, primarily, movie soundtracks (particularly Moulin Rouge, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Gladiator), almost anything Beethoven, ditto Vivaldi, Final Fantasy music, etcetera. I also like classic rock and have lately gotten heavily into stuff liked Overclocked ReMix and VGMix. (I love you, Reuben Kee!) School Subject: Chemistry! Which makes me realize how much I actually miss school. Why I'm Here: I'm really still just a beginner artist (even though I've gotten way better in my 5 years of drawing!) so I would REALLY like some constructive criticism on my work! I'm looking to develop as an artist, hey? Compliments and praise are welcome, too, but PLEASE tell me WHAT it is you like! (I understand if it's hard to do that, though... ^_^ ) Inspirations: My thousand-and-one RPGs, mostly! They seem to hit right when I don't have access to drawing materials, though... Oh, yeah! As for comments-- if you leave one I'll almost certainly reply, and try and pop over to your gallery ASAP! I like comments. ^_^