Twyla McKee

Update 24 March 2017: So, been a long while since I've been on here - sorry for the long hiatus. Life can be unexpected - like suddenly finding you're pregnant when you thought you were unable to GET pregnant at all, so suddenly having to take care of a child you didn't know you'd ever had...well, at least he has given me some material for writing new stories from! Anyways, I have uploaded a new short story, hope you all like it :D. I know some of you will not like my stories.  That is fine, you may let me know :)  I will not get mad.  I know a true writer has fans and enemies alike.  It is too be expected. I hope you all enjoy my little poem! (yes, I wrote it... sorry for the way it appears, they apparently changed how our bio's look and I have to fix it) Imagination Gone Wild: So many thoughts\ So many stories\ So many pictures\ My mind’s in a flurry\\ They mix and they part\ They come and they go\ They take hold my body\ And toss it to and fro\\ It finally ends\ It finally stays\ It’s finally written\ The words – GO AWAY!\\ I like: writing, drawing, art in general, reading, and various other things. Favorite movies/TV shows/Etc: Charmed, Avatar, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty, Buffy (yes, I enjoyed the TV shows for the first couple seasons), Angel (for the most part), The Village, Dreamcatcher (creepy, but then of course it IS King's work)...and many more movies and TV series and animes. Favorite books: Dragonlance, Chronicles of Narnia, and many others. Favorite music: lots.....not going to go into it.

Alive No More

Once death claims us, that's it. There is no more light, no more laughter, nothingness - right? Or maybe - just maybe, if you are lucky, the loss of this mortal coil can leave you with an existence that surpasses life as we know it...

AErth - another dimension

So many dimensions, parallel universes, etc are believed to exist.  Ærth is one such dimension.  Some people, though not as many as there once were, have abilities that exceed that of normal humans.  This story follows the life of two such people, how they got together, and the lives they touched.

A Dragon's End

The days of the dragons have long passed.  What humans know of as dragons are mostly dragon-blooded descendants, not true dragons.  This is the tale of a family of true dragons that happened upon a human village during this time, and what happened to them...

NG03 - The Decision is Made

Chapter 2 of my new story, working title Next Generation. Ais makes her decision.

Fairrin Book I ~ Chapters 1-3

A princess runs away from her matchmaking father, and finds herself in a land of legend... If you have problems understanding some of the words I use in the story, what they mean, etc, just take a look at my profile :) There is a little bit of a glossary up there to go with my stories for you all! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

5. Joshua's Older Brother

A prince falls in love, but does what is right for his kingdom and marries another. However, there was a child.... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

3. The Legend

The legend of how a rift began between two nations, and how it caused one of the nations to be completely forgotten.... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~ Someone asked to hear the Auranian version of this story. Well, I have updated The Legend. It now has all 3 versions of how the rift between the 3 kingdoms began.

2. Gnome

Well, someone wanted to know more about Rel... so, here he is :p

NG04 - The Next Generation

Chapter 3. I won't get to into it, if you want to know more, read the Prologue, and chapter's 1 and 2. :p

Fairrin Part 1 ~ Chapters 7-9

Third installment of the first book in a chronicle about a human princess who finds herself in a land of legend. Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

Fairrin Part 1 ~ Chapters 10-12

Fourth installment of my chronicle of the human princess who finds herself in a land of legened - and falling in love with a prince from this land, a fairy prince at that! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

7. Dawn's Search

Another story from the legend of Fairrin. A young fairy goes into the human realms, searching for her lost twin. She finds love instead... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

Fairrin Part 1 ~ Chapters 13-15

Final installment of Part 1 of my chronicle on the human princess who, while escaping her matchmaking father, finds herself in a land of legend, embroiled in a battle to save the land from evil, and falling in love with a prince of this land - the very one her father had last tried to match her up with! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

NG02 - The Day Things Changed Forever

Well, decided I'd put the first 'chapter' up, too, of my NG story. :) Hope you all like!

1. In the Beginning

My idea of the battle before time, when God cast Lucifer from heaven. Also the origin of fairies, elves, and the like. Um, yeah, and gnomes.....which are evil by the way, not good. Please critique, let me know what you would change....I might be posting changes here and there along the way too.....

NG01 - Prologue

I makes you think of The Village. Well, I might have gotten the inspiration for it after watching the movie (never read the book), but at the small village, forest, and beasts...well, the similarity ends there. After all, if you read closely...she says 'moons', not 'moon' in more than one o.O And the beasts are....well, I think I'll let you find out for yourself. Kind of a mix of sci-fi and Fantasy. I guess it's kind of modern fantasy?

8. Amarine Falls in Love

For those of you that wanted to know more about Amarine, Josh, and Jessica's birth. This is the last year of Amarine's life.

9. Wildfire's Rescue

A young princess finds a young filly being attacked by wolves and saves it. Unbeknownst to her, the filly is actually what is known as a unisus in the land of Fairrin... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

10. Allen's Rebellion

A Prince of Fairrin rebels against all standards to marry a human princess. ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~ 03April08 ~ update ~ corrected name of elf who killed the human prince.

11. The Plan Gone Awry

A fairy Prince and a human Princess find themselves in the matchmaking grasp of two kingdoms to bring the fairy kingdom of Fairrin into an alliance with the human kingdoms of Carmania and Aurania. Their responses put into motion events that bring about a change never expected..... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

Fairrin Part 1 ~ Chapters 4-6

The next installment of my chronicles of a human princess that finds herself embroiled in a battle in a land of legend. As with the first 3 chapters, you can find definitions to some unusual terms in my profile. Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

4. Tom and Em

I decided to write a bit more about Tom and Em's love affair, and why it ended the way it did. I got some feedback on Joshua's Brother that made me realize that I may not have explained it all well enough: so, here you go!

12. The Brother Comes to Call

A Story from Fairrin. Two brothers, who never knew the other existed, meet under the most unusual circumstances... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

6. Amarine's Flight

A fairy-child learns of her betrothal, and runs away to escape it.... and runs right into the arms of a human.... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~ Updated 04/04/2008 ~ made a few corrections in the storyline