Kristopher Love

Greetings and well met!   I’ve been at digital art since late 2004, where I've self-taught myself in the medium; finding it easier to learn from my own mistakes and solve situations through trial and error.  I'm somewhat like a tree; tall, quiet, and with feet firmly planted on the ground.  (Hates suspended heights)  I enjoy striking up good conversations and, in my spare time, I purely write for the sake of my original characters and surrounding lore that have slowly come to life within Aikurisu; the central world where my creations exist within. I like Well... I definitely have a fondness for elves; space fleet armadas; sword and armour designs; basically anything to do with water, such as waterfalls, rain and such; the natural beauty of the female body; moonlit nights, and the lush depth of information in certain fictional universes that help me find the inspiration I need to create my own.