Melissa Herrmann

Alright already, sheesh, It's not that big a deal....Let's see...I turned 22 Feblueberry 5th, kudos for me! You see what I look like.::Pointing up:: I work with horses an-No I don't train them. As I was saying, I do mostly the grooming an-NO! I don't like cheese...what has this to do with horses? Horses don't eat cheese, stop interrupting me damn it! ANYWAY.....I love my puter-::Blinks:: Eeeewww...don't look at me like that, you know what I meant...Your gross...I read alot like R.A., Terry Goodkind, Ann Bishop, C.S. Friedman, Peirs Anthony, Robert Asprin, Steven King...well just to name a fe-Oh shut up....I listen to all kinds of music, almost every kind there is, my fave being solo guitarists like Joe Satriani, Blue Saraseno, Randy Coven, Mark Woods ect, ect, ect...I love to draw, even if Im not the greatest, I do it for me...You know, Im really getting sick of your snickering.... Writing is a passion of mine, I love to write about and draw my charries and their misadventures...I am pretty goofy, and have been told Im odd or strange but ya know what? I don't give a flying rats ugly butt. I have a tongue ring an-Grrr...YES I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!! Don't make me hurt you...::Her grip on her spoon was getting tighter by the moment:: As I was saying...Hmm...What was I saying? ::Blinks:: No I was not!! Don't you have anything better to do then annoy me? No? Fine...Stick around, I don't care. Now, back to ME, I moved back to FL, yay! I love my friends..yes they love me too....Well Im sorry your friends don't love you that much....But then you weren't a platypus in your last life now were you? Thought not...I play tabletops like ADnD, Earthdawn, Shadowrun, StarWars D6 and some Palladium. My fave movies are Queen of the Damned(Can relate), Fellowship of the ring(Legolas is a babe), The Two Towers(Yet again, it's all about Legolas), Merlin(Wants his horse), Spirit(Because I have horses), I could go on and on and on and on ect, ect and so forth, but Im not go-Hey! your the one who stayed here! ::Growls:: That's it, Im leaving and taking my art book with me!... ::Though she turned and walked away, the little voice inside her head was ever with her, always anoying::