My name is Jill or Fae, as I am known as, to quite of a few of my friends. Fae comes from aiwarnfae, my user name.  I am a freelance artist that resides in Portsmouth Virginia. I love writing and obviously..drawing ^_~ I have been with Elfwood for a very very long time. I left for a few years and now I am back and ready to share my art..which I feel has progresed tremendously. I like Art, reading, writing, sculpting, cooking, animals, swimming..and many other things. Favourite movies Legend, Princess Bride, pretty much most of Disney. Merlin, True Blood, Anime ...alot of anime..and much much more. Favourite books errrrr...uhmmmm. Christine Feehan....and other's that I can't think of off the top of my head. I read tooo many books to keep track. Favourite music Within Temptation...Evanescence..Linkin Park...and yet again..much much more