Looks like Elfwood is cracking down on some new rules, and a bunch of my pictures were removed.  Unfortunately, while a number of them were quite fixable--since they were just minor things like paper edges that needed to be trimmed off the image--the left hand of Elfwood--the ERB--apparently does not talk to the right hand--the Moderators.  As soon as I was notified of the problem files, I went in and re-uploaded fixed versions of each one that didn't violate content rules (which was almost all of them).  Of course, because the ERB apparently pays no attention to such attempts at reparations, they were deleted anyway before my ticket made its way to approval.  So, when the moderators tried to post them, the files were broken and had to be removed.  So, of the dozen or so of my images that were removed, 8 of them could have been reposted fine, but won't be now, because this is too damned much trouble.  I attempted to inform the ERB of this problem before my ticket reached approval, but I never received a response, and now it's too late.A few of those removed are on  my DeviantArt page, which is linked to the right.  Most of my newer work is there as well.  Unfortunately, not all of my old work is posted there, but oh well.  If anybody cares about those old pictures, then let me know, and I'll see about reposting it.I won't take this page down altogether, but I don't think I'll bother trying to post new items to Elfwood anymore.  They've sadly managed to make the system too cumbersome to be worthwhile.  While I am by no means a prolific artist, if you are interested in anything remotely current, please clink on the "Own Gallery" link to the right, which leads to my DeviantArt page.  That I do update as regularly as is possible, considering the gaps in my production.