Malin, Psionic Warrior

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Alon Rand

This is one of the NPCs in a Rifts RPG I've been playing in for a year or two now. See my Lothlorien page for a sketch of my own character in that game (Tiir'Zaahl). While the picture does not make it obvious, he's an extremely powerful telekinetic and a pretty decent telepath, too. Also, he's been discovering that he's the reconstituted essence of an angel in exile from Heaven (he doesn't remember much about it, though). That's what the barely visible lines are behind him: wings. I've got vague plans to work this sketch over in Painter at some point so I can do more with those wings. Who knows if I ever actually will. It being Rifts, he uses technology at least as much, if not more than, psionics and magic.

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