Amanda Kisner

I have loved drawing the female form since I was a very small child. I am expanding my horizons a bit, hoping to spend more time working on backgrounds and beasts as I feel they are my greatest downfall. I would also like to eventually move on to 'real' mediums ( for lack of a better term ). A few of the pictures found in this gallery I did with Crayola Markers before I received a Wacom pen and tablet for Yule '01. At the moment I am using Painter Classic for all of my colored works, and still poking around with the graphites for my pencil art. I have more art at my website which is more of an urban fantasy nature, along with my poetry and a million other creative endeavors I have taken on lol. My off-elfwood gallery is currently being reconstructed but I will repost the link as soon as I have it together. Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated and I would love to find a mentor who could maybe guide me a bit where my skills may be lacking. Thanks for visiting! Take care!