Alicia Hansen

Time for another update, I suppose. Life is busy. I work way too much, I think, and never seem to keep up with the cleaning. My babies (non-human, by the way) keep me pretty busy. Pictured with me here is Cora. I also have a second poodle by the name of Covey, and a few birds. They keep me on my toes, but they are great companions. I have continued to push myself in my artwork. I have been doing less fantasy work lately, so I haven't had much to upload here. If you want to see what I'm doing artistically, keep an eye on me over at deviantART! I upload pretty much everything there. Also, I take commissions! I am looking for commissions. Most of my pieces here are also available for sale as prints. Email me for more information. Please feel free to leave critiques and advice! (Rude comments will be deleted.) I do love getting comments. I also disabled anonymous comments. Sorry folks. If you like (or hate) my work enough to comment on it, please be willing to take some responsibility for what you say. I like Art, animals, nature, learning new things. This year, I'm gonna learn how to start working with tile . . . Favourite movies Reign of Fire; I, Robot; Serenity; War of the Worlds; Ghost Rider; Transformers; Night at the Museum; Willow; Ladyhawke; I could go on . . . seriously . . . Favourite books Wolf Series by Jane Lindskold, Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, anything by Timothy Zahn, Joust series by Mercedes Lackey Favourite music Soundtracks (especially by Hans Zimmer), Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, and other random songs thrown in. I listen to almost everything, no rap and no Mexican polka.