I love to draw things that inspire me in terms of fantasy.. Books I've read by favorite authors like Raymond E. Feist & Anne Bishop. I also love to draw RP characters that I used to play for AD&D etc... My favored medium of the moment is pencil (charcoal, no. 2, colored, and some watercolor). I also dabble in paints like acrylic and watercolor. I'm also a graphic designer, but more technical than artistic, and am a student as well. I love to write, but am very hesitant to post all my stuff, so bear with me. This is a few galleries I have stumbled upon which I thoroughly enjoy, and I hope you will too! Elsa 'Liallan' Kroese : An amazing Dutch artist who does some fantastic work with pencils and computer. Steph Salt : Fantastic fantasy concepts and unique designs Dana Luker : Some very nice pencil work, she draws her AD&D characters too! Kellie Gillette : Found her gallery in random. She uses a creative mix of media and her framing techniques are amazing. Monica 'Starling' Izcovich : I really appreciate her creative posing and graphic style. Ruben de Vela : an immensely popular anime artist who loves to draw Jordan's WOT. He should go pro.. seriously. Wayland Reid : A Raymond E. Feist artist who does beautiful 3D work. I'll add more when I come across them.. But these are just a few worth visiting.