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We had to create an animal for my spanish class, and I went overboard. My teacher would have been happy with a stick figure but nooooooo the Emmyness had to go prozak with her micron pen and come up with THIS. :P heh I like it though.So here it is my 'Rock Beast' ha ha. Imaginative name eh? Ya I suck :P Me n Snoogie were talkin bout this lil critter here, figuring out what it would be like if it was real yknow? And I said the only real intention I had for it was that it was a herbivourous(sp?) beast of burden. So she TOTALLY elaborated. Now my Bestiaroca is a 12 ft tall Reptile that gives birth to live offspring, likes cabbage more than most other vegibles, and has leathery type scales. They usually travel alone, because of their size (they average up to 3 tons apparently :P) and usually live in the desert, or rocky areas. They dont like forests, because their big heavy feet tend to sink too far into the softer ground. (lol dont you just love how in depth this gets? ^_^)They arnt feirce, their actually quite gentle, and are very cooperative creatures, mostly because they bond easily with their masters. They have so many spikes on their heads, as to appear ferocious to anything wanting to gobble them up (sooo much meat on it! lookit!) and the horns are usually only on males, used during mating season in fights over females (though females ocassionally have em, its pretty uncommon). They communicate through a sort of... braying... I guess was the noise my sister Holly made when she saw the pic heh. They have such big claws for digging up plant roots, and of course for defense, and they have large, shell like scales on the front of their noses and bottoms of their bellys (On their bellys for defense, on their noses for when they go rooting through the sand and rock for some nummtastic grass). Ya... thats about it eh heh... TMI? Ya I know, but I fell in love with the critter when we started giving it a life and habits yknow? ^_^ This Bestiaroca is called 'Neitsun'. Cute eh? :P

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