Vicky Thompson

Wow, its been so long.I am in the process of opening my own tattoo studio, so once all is sorted I will be updating on a regular basis :)My influences havent changed alot I still love music, computer games and books.My musical influences are Disturbed, Slipknot, Dir en grey, Nightwish, Leave eyes, Stone Sour, A7X and so on.I will be doing a major revamp and all of the old art will go.I'm also open to do commissions if you need any information please note or e-mail me. If you do want info please put 'Elfwood Commission' as the subject or I will delete it.  I like Music, animals, ancient history, COMPUTER GAMES WOOH Favourite movies Predator, Aliens, The Last Unicorn, I could go on for hours Favourite books Bitten, most Terry Pratchett, again hours -.- Favourite music Metal and all its lovely variations, except Emo, hate Emo with a passion : shudders :