Angie Alcott

Yep thats me gettin' my bottom groped! I love CANDY! Mmmm, candy.*drools* I like to draw and read so there! Ha. LOL. *Insane crackling untill falls on floor with sore stomach from laughing to hard* As you can see my childhood hero was is and always will be candy. It shows in my art to. I tend to freek people out alot with how I act. I hope I will do the same to you! I have canablistic urges. I say when I want to do somthin' to someone or something like poke at there eyes or attack a chair insanely unlill one of us gets hurt. Thats usually always me. I LOVE MOHAWKS!!! Mmmm, mohawks. *slerps up drool* I didnt realize that I took that big of a chunk out of my mousepad. I was chewing on it. I wish I had a gelly mousepad! I remember that time when I went in my room and I slipped on some of my clothing floor that just happened to have one of manny plates that 'just happend to have' an old banana peal on it. Well My feet went up, I fell, and looked up just intime to see the peal slidding down the wall. I decided it was time to clean my room! Im easily amused. Im told Im a blond in discise. I tend to talk jibberish. JELLYFISH ARE THE BEST! Dont chewe on plastick zippers. Mmmm, zippers!