Aleister Lam

Do you believe that a person can be cursed with a talent rather than being gifted with it? Well, I think that I'm cursed with this ability to draw! This is so coz I've this special interests in drawing stuff that's imaginery(though I chose to believe that some of them do exist at one time or probably in another parallel universe) and I hope to share this interests and the knowledge I've acquired about all these creatures with people around me , but nobody seems to be interested in such stuffs. Sometimes I would have an inspiration and this rush of adrenalin to produced or give physical form to some mythical creatures or monsters; but all the rejoice from the completion of my art turns to disappointment when I could find no one to comment or even be remotely interested in it. I guess the people around me are not really interested in fantasy or mythical creatures. All these creatures had long existed in my memory, but I'm too mentally exhausted to put them down on paper; probably also from the pressure of facing the harsh reality of survival in the real world. Most people I've known had either forsaken or forgotten about fantasy which is why beautiful creatures like the Unicorn and Mermaid had CEASED TO EXIST, they had died out when our interest in fantasy dwindled! It is due to the above reasons that I've not seriously started drawing for almost a decade. Then, one day I accidentally stumbled upon Elfwood; I realised that this would provide an opportunity for my pictures to be viewed by people all round the world; and that the best part is it get to be commented. Therefore I cherished all comments left in my gallery, regardless of whether its good or bad. Enough about my whinings; I'm a self-taught artist and have not sold a single piece of picture in my life yet! My art in the earlier yrs were very much influenced by the stop-motion master himself, Ray Harryhausen. I realise from his creations in films like CLASH OF THE TITANS, JASON & THE ARGONAUTS and the SINBAD films that the art which U draw need not be restricted by the descriptions or what normally people perceived it to be; but to go beyond that and inject your own imaginations and personality into it e.g The Cyclop in SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD; Harryhausen had designed it with a lower torso of Satyr or goat-like animal; another example is the centaur which he ingeniously combined with a cyclop in the GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD. Likewise when I drew the monsters like the Manticore or the Piasa, I've injected to it my own branch of creativity. Again I would like to reiterate what Ken McCraken of gallery 143 had said ' ART gives you the power to create worlds that perhaps LIVE BEYOND YOU, it is your shot at a type of IMMORTALITY!'** Denotes pictures that's being updated recently. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to leave a comment, my art THRIVES ON YOUR COMMENTS! Also I've some new stuffs added at